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Tid Kidd wiki1.jpg

(an earlier "me" wearing Waldorf Bing, Alaska Metropolitan, and myself...)


To quote someone we all love : "Friendly Greetings!!". If you would like to find out some basic Second Life stuff about me, you can - inworld - Search > People, type in my name, and look up what it says in my Profile :-)))

I joined Second Life in May 2007 and what a time I've had since then! From blundering around as a blue-haired, freckled, newbie Wiki me1.jpg (sigh, I miss my freckles, I wish my otherwise gorgeous Gala Phoenix skin had some), I have met many many wonderful people (and a few not so wonderful - it happens), made many many great friends, danced the evening away at various clubs ("Hi!" to friends at The Vortex, Blackhearts 80s disco, the Binary Star Cantina, The Crown & Pearl; to DJs Bart Kovacs, Leanne Karas, DanielJames Baroque, Kimber Enoch, Mark Attenborough), entered some competitions, won some, lost some, known romance, explored, walked, run, sailed, flown, dived from a hot air balloon, chatted my tongue off, had countless heart-to-hearts in IM, modelled, meditated in a pool with fishes, practised Tai Chi, climbed mountains and tabogganed down again, gone into "outer space", built a little (a VERY little), scripted NEVER, taught a bit, mentored a lot, joined various charity events and fundraisers, joined a Writers Circle, written for Second Life publication, taken part in in-depth surveys for academic research, gone to church ... and hell!, and I suspect there is so much more I have yet to do.

Though you would have to go a long way to beat an early Second Life experience : windsurfing by moonlight off a gay beach, wearing a ballroom gown ...

Wiki me2.jpg

In the mythical, rumoured, so-called "Real Life", I am disabled with multiple sclerosis, which sadly is getting worse by the month with it seems nothing I can do to stop it. But I don't want to labour on about RL, we all have our crosses to bear and there are people here worse off than me.

As to my skills, I have a few things I can offer :

  • I can speak French (not too brilliantly or fluently, but enough to make myself understood and get by)
  • I can take classes in Second Life
  • I know enough about the wiki to be of help to newcomers to it, though there are many more who, unlike me, are experts
  • I am a reasonably competent writer
  • I understand the basics of Photoshop (please don't ask me about Blending Modes!)
  • I use Apple Mac, so I can talk about that to people who need to know more