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Tid Kidd wiki2.jpg

(a useful kind of snapshot to take if you've "thrown together" an outfit from several other outfits and want to remember how you did it!)


To quote someone we all love : "Friendly Greetings!!". If you would like to find out some basic Second Life stuff about me, you can - inworld - Search > People, type in my name, and look up what it says in my Profile :-)))

I joined Second Life in May 2007 and what a time I've had since then! From blundering around as a blue-haired, freckled, newbie (sigh, I miss my freckles, I wish my otherwise gorgeous Gala Phoenix skin had some), I have met many many wonderful people (and a few not so wonderful - it happens), made many many great friends, danced the evening away at various clubs ("Hi!" to friends at The Vortex, Blackhearts 80s disco, the Binary Star Cantina, The Crown & Pearl; to DJs Bart Kovacs, Leanne Karas, DanielJames Baroque, Kimber Enoch, Mark Attenborough), entered some competitions, won some, lost some, known romance, explored, walked, run, sailed, flown, dived from a hot air balloon, chatted my tongue off, had countless heart-to-hearts in IM, modelled, meditated in a pool with fishes, practised Tai Chi, climbed mountains and tabogganed down again, gone into "outer space", built a little (a VERY little), scripted NEVER, taught a bit, mentored a lot, joined various charity events and fundraisers, joined a Writers Circle, written for Second Life publication, taken part in in-depth surveys for academic research, gone to church ... and hell!, and I suspect there is so much more I have yet to do.

Though you would have to go a long way to beat an early Second Life experience : windsurfing by moonlight off a gay beach, wearing a ballroom gown ...


In the mythical, rumoured, so-called "Real Life", I am disabled with multiple sclerosis, which sadly is getting worse by the month with it seems nothing I can do to stop it. But I don't want to labour on about RL, we all have our crosses to bear and there are people here worse off than me.

As to my skills, I have a few things I can offer :

  • I can speak French (not too brilliantly or fluently, but enough to make myself understood and get by)
  • I can take classes in Second Life
  • I know enough about the wiki to be of help to newcomers to it, though there are many more who, unlike me, are experts
  • I am a reasonably competent writer
  • I understand the basics of Photoshop (please don't ask me about Blending Modes!)
  • I use Apple Mac, so I can talk about that to people who need to know more