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This page contains links to the information pages of various Community Translation Projects that are currently available.

Community Translation ("CT") is the primary way that any Resident can contribute to the translations which are used in the Second Life software. If you discover a translation you think needs to be improved, we need your enthusiasm!

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How to Join

1. To join one of the Language projects on this page, please read the project information below and sign up on this form.

  • Please note: We suggest when asked for a contact email, that you use one that is not real life information or name. Example: Using your avatar name@some would be an option.

2. Agree to the Terms and Conditions that govern your participation in the Community Translation Project.

3. Become familiar with some of the Tools we Use.

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Award-Winning Volunteers:

Check out our Top Contributors in each language!


Viewer 2.0:

  • In the month of November, we will work to translate new strings for the Viewer 2.0! This includes new features and some old phrases that were never able to be translated before (They used to be hardcoded.)
    • 2 SPECIAL MEETINGS COMING UP: We will discuss how to be part of the Viewer 2.0 Translation Project.

  • We cannot make any more translations to version 1.23. BUT, we are still keeping track of any language bugs, bad translations, that you find. We'll try to solve these in the next version!
  • Please report any translation bugs of the viewer in this document.

XStreet or Website:

  • For more information, please contact: Lexie Linden

Knowledge Base (KB) articles:

  • 2009-June-30: We are still working to translate KB articles in French, Japanese, and German.
  • Please see those languages, below.

Other Articles:

  • For more information, please contact: Lexie Linden



  • Thanks to our volunteer localizers Geneko Nemeth and Ken March, our 1.22 viewer is now available in Simplified Chinese.
  • We updated translations for the 1.23 viewer.
  • Big thank you to our residents for helping us translate, edit and QA the Registration Area


  • Czech translations were done by Jarek Dejavu and we hope to integrate them in our next version of the viewer: CT-122




French localizers (CT group members) meet every FRIDAY between 12 pm and 1 pm SL time in Localization Central

There are 4 components to the French Community Translation projects:

  • Translation of KB Articles:
    • See the homepage for the French KB Translation Project
    • Work in PJIRA here:
      • We have already about 100 KBs translated into French! A big thank you to the French community translators for this amazing effort! Let's keep going!
      • You will also see that our residents have been making some excellent instructional videos currently available in French on YouTube and soon to be integrated into the French KB.


  • Currently there are no open projects.


  • Hungarian translation led by the amazing Princess Niven has completed for the 1.23 Viewer.


  • See the homepage for the Italian Viewer Localization Project.
    • Work is complete for Viewer 1.23!
  • Italian Glossary now available! Second Life Glossary (new)
    • our brilliant Italian translators spent 2 months collaborating on the Italian glossary!
  • We would also like to thank our wonderful Italian volunteers for the help around Registration pages.




  • Russian, Ukrainian Viewer:
    • Work in PJIRA here:
      • Russian and Ukrainian have also been added to version 1.23 since the full viewer xml was submitted by Ian Kas and his Team.
      • We are really proud to have our viewer in cyrillic for the first time! :)




  • We are in the progress to compile a new Viewer internationalization Test Plan: CT-81.
    • The test is still open for contributions. Please, feel free to contribute!!!
    • The JIRA was started with the French community but I urge anyone with knowledge of other languages to help us!!! Thank you in advance!!!