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Friendly greetings! I'm Torley-favicon.png Torley Linden, and I amplify your awesome.

I started my Second Life as a Resident (affectionately abbreviated as "Resi") in 2004 before working for Linden Lab, and grew very passionate about making our world a better place for you to live.

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What I do

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I'm the Resident Enlightenment Manager on the Editorial Division of the Experience Design Team. My job is to teach you how to get the most out of Second Life.

(But wait, there's more...)

I'm also a prime architect and contributor on this Wiki.

Unofficially, I'm the Second Life Culture Minister.

What I'm working on

See my newest:

Favorite things

I've done so much of what's possible, yet continue to find more. Here are some of my time-tested favorites, with my unique twists:

  • Shopping - This is cited as such a popular inworld activity. You may find this useful:
    • At least once a week, I like to load the Marketplace and browse all the Featured Items by repeatedly clicking the > arrow. These items are often indicative of trends and quality goods, since it costs to advertise there. I insist on using my mouse's middle button to open each item in a new tab so I can peruse at my leisure.
  • Avatar customization - I am totally obsessed! I have had at least 123 avatar forms over time, a mixture of ones I've put together myself and the generous talents of content creators. As you can see, they span the spectrum of Second Life subcultures. I've heard women likening doing this to playing dress-up with dolls.
  • Bring my dreams inworld for others to see

Things I did a lot of but don't currently

Visit my Second Life home at Torley island!

Torley region place picture (2011-03-28).jpg]



^ Old archives.

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