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Friendly greetings! I'm Torley-favicon.png Torley Linden, and I amplify your awesome.

I started my Second Life as a Resident (affectionately abbreviated as "Resi") in 2004 before working for Linden Lab, and grew very passionate about making our world a better place for you to live.

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What I do

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I'm the Resident Enlightenment Manager on the Editorial Division of the Experience Design Team.

My job is to teach you how to get the most out of Second Life.

(But wait, there's more...)


Stuff I did; not so much now:

  • I was a highly active prime architect and lead contributor on this Wiki, with 2+ million views on pages I've started or substantially edited. I can still help when needed, but my focus has changed over time. You can see every edit I've made here.
  • I was on the Documentation Team. I've also been on various incarnations of community-facing teams and I've worked on product management/development, quality assurance, user interface design, and so on. (I've never formally worked in marketing, but some Resis erroneously call me "Linden Lab PR". I'm just around a lot.)
  • I wrote a lot of SL Viewer Help's previous generations.

What I'm working on

See my newest:

Favorite things

Visit my Second Life home at Torley cyberpunk island!

Torley Cyberpunk Island.png]



^ Old archives.

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