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Friendly greetings! We — for simplicity's sake — I am Torley-favicon.png Torley Linden, and I amplify your awesome.

I started my Second Life as a Resident (affectionately abbreviated as "Resi") in 2004 before working for Linden Lab, and grew very passionate about making our world a better place for you to live.

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What I do

My work focuses have drastically changed as of mid-October 2011. I hope to eventually update this. I'm the Olivia Dunham of this shiznit! In the meantime, please follow my Second Life profile for updates. And since I get asked so often when I'm going to make another video tutorial, as of 2011-11-10, here's my answer — thank you to Daniel Voyager and others for your curiosity:

... right now, I don't have any plans to do more video tutorials. I know that sounds terribly alarming given my track record, so let me explain: my limbs have been full doing other work at Linden Lab in other flavors of "amplifying your awesome", including projects that Glorious Rodvik has been gradually revealing in interviews. Also, I'm mentoring a new generation of Lindens in Second Life culture. I answer many internal requests for advice making machinima/product design/doing other things I'm known for, so that's connected to what you've been seeing [publicly]. If you've seen increased awareness of Lindens better understanding the very tools the Resis interact and create with, I'm a behind-the-scenes contributor to that too. No surprises there, I've cared vocally about that since 2004.
Now! All that doesn't exclude me spontaneously doing a video tutorial here and there, nor does it exclude me being assigned a new series to do in the future, as bosses present and past have sent me forth on quests to enlighten our amazing Resis! There's nothing that says "Torley will never make another SL vidtut again". But right now (the very instant I type this), my skills are being focused on where LL and the Experience Design team I'm on thinks they can be used best, and that's mainly a lot of new territory... we've all had a lot of changes to adapt to and grow from — but don't we always? :)

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I'm the Resident Enlightenment Manager on the Editorial Division of the Experience Design Team.

My job is to teach you how to get the most out of Second Life.

(But wait, there's more...)

Thanx for reading all those bullet points, now refresh your eyes with something awesome Brett Linden and I made:


Stuff I did:

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Favorite things

Visit my Second Life home at Torley cyberpunk island!

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