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Function: list llGetMoneyLimits( list limits );

Gets the specific object or prim money transaction limitations found in the list limits. Empty list to return all active limitations.
Returns a list

• list limits
Template:LSL Constants/MoneyLimits


  • This function causes the script to sleep for 0.2 seconds.
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<lsl> // Gets the overall money limit allowed to be paid out of the prim/object, -1 = limited to amount paid in, 0 = unlimited, other non-negative numbers would be a hard limit list moneylimits = llGetMoneyLimits([MONEY_LIMIT_CREDIT_OVERALL]); MONEY_LIMIT_GROUP_PERIOD MONEY_LIMIT_OWNER_PERIOD MONEY_LIMIT_CREDIT_OVERALL MONEY_LIMIT_DEBIT_OVERALL

// To render on side 3 // the picture with the UUID... </lsl>

Trinity Coulter 12:22, 13 September 2008 (PDT)


The old PRIM_TYPE interface (labeled PRIM_TYPE_LEGACY) while technical retired can still be used.

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Deep Notes

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function list llGetMoneyLimits( list limits );