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Standard Parser Functions

These parser functions work like templetes and come standard with all wiki-servers. They have some glitches with certain languages' symbols.

LC = Lowercase

This function make all letters from the input lowercase.

Wikitext Output
{{LC:!Testing!}} !testing!
{{LC:Will this work}} will this work
{{LC:This is a test!}} this is a test!

LCFIRST = Lower(case) first letter

This function takes the letters from the input and lowers the first and leaves the rest as they were.

Wikitext Output
{{LCFIRST:!Testing!}} !Testing!
{{LCFIRST:Will this work}} will this work
{{LCFIRST:This is a test!}} this is a test!

UC = Uppercase

This function makes the input into all capitals.

Wikitext Output
{{UC:!testing!}} !TESTING!
{{UC:will this work}} WILL THIS WORK
{{UC:This is a test!}} THIS IS A TEST!

UCFIRST = Upper(case) first letter

This function performs the UC function solely on the first character.

Wikitext Output
{{UCFIRST:!testing!}} !testing!
{{UCFIRST:will this work}} Will this work
{{UCFIRST:This is a test!}} This is a test!


Encodes a URL by changing spaces into '+'(plus signs) and symbols into their escaped equivilants.

Wikitext Output
{{urlencode:space test}} space+test
{{urlencode:%*()@!}} %25%2A%28%29%40%21
{{urlencode:%31%66%F0}} %2531%2566%25F0




Translates a RFC 3066 code into its equivalent language name in the language specified. If the code could not be translated then it returns the same code.

Wikitext Output
{{#language:en}} English
{{#language:fr}} français
{{#language:blah}} blah