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|<center>'''TxMasterG Ping Products'''</center>
|<center>'''TxMasterG Ping Products'''</center>
|{{#ifeq: {{PictureType}} | Full | <!--Insert a image from an external source-->{{Picture}} | {{#ifeq: {{PictureType}} | Wiki | [[image:{{Picture}}|Product Image]] | ERROR: [Picture] }}}}
|{{#ifeq: {{{PictureType}}} | Full | <!--Insert a image from an external source-->{{{Picture}}} | {{#ifeq: {{{PictureType}}} | Wiki | [[image:{{{Picture}}}|Product Image]] | ERROR: [{{{Picture}}}] }} }}

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TxMasterG Ping Products
ERROR: [{{{Picture}}}]
Price: ERROR${{{Price}}}