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vaguegirl Petty, disturbing world, SL

hi there!  my name is vaguegirl and i am, i guess, a new mentor!  although i have been helping out
newbies since i was able to!
i have been in SL since April 2006, practically 24/7 (sound familiar?).  my first real memory of
SL was standing on my first 512 and thinking how incredible this world was.  i have always been
looking for a virtual world but found nothing impressive until SL.
and it hasn't seemed to end!  my lust for land (er, more like lust for prims) has continued
until i finally bought a private island.  which is as GLORIOUS as i always thought it would be.
anyhoo, at the moment, i am working on organizing all those free scripts out there and making
it easier for new people to find them and to know what they actually do.
well, glad to join the team!