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About Me

I don't like writing, as it wastes time, so the only thing you'll see from me is code. (Except when I need to explain, and then I will only explain half of it).

I'll be on the teen grid for another >6 months and counting... (I'm too lazy to update this once a month, so I won't.)

Some Code

I've written a lot of code, and I used to have a copy of all of it here; but then I decided it would be better to have it in just one place: Xaviar_Czervik_Code.


LSL Projects

Here is a list of LSL projects that I'm working on. They will almost always be under development and will probably never be finished.
Czervik_LSL_Computer - A compiler that acts like a very basic computer. (variables, if, say...)

Wiki Projects

Here is a list of projects that I'm working on for the wiki. If you have some free time, add some to one of the following.
LSL Script Efficiency - How fast different parts of LSL run.
LSL Script Memory - How much memory different parts of LSL take.
Category:LSL_Needs_Example - I am trying to make this list have a length of zero.
Xaviar is currently on a crusade to change all of the code in <pre> tags to <lsl> tags. Please help out!