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About Me

I don't like writing, as it wastes time, so the only thing you'll see from me is code. (Except when I need to explain, and then I will only explain half of it).

I'll be on the teen grid for another three years and counting...

Some Code

The largest script I've posted this far is Object to Data v1.0, which converts objects to text files that can be shared.

There are a few scripts that I had sitting in my inventory.

Efficiency Tester: Tests the speed of some code. String Compare: Compares two strings, evaluates "a" < "b". Prefix Calculator: Adds numbers in prefix. / + 3 2 - +1 2 3 = 1.25

Currently working on a computer written in LSL. Currently only can declare strings and ints, and test == and !=.Czervik_LSL_Computer.