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What Mentors Should Know

Some Abbreviations In Common Use

Abbrevation Meaning
OI Orientation Island
OIP Orientation Island Public
HI Help Island
HIP Help Island Public
AR Abuse Report
TP Teleport
LM Landmark
IM Instant Message
BRT Be Right There

There are many more but I think that these are the most important for the group chat.


  • If someone asks for "An Italian Mentor @ OI 3 for NAME", please don't ask for a TP in return. It's way easier for you to open up the Map, type Orientation Island 3 and hit the TP button then it is for the other one to find your profile in the group or in search to TP you.
  • To be able to answer questions about the tutorials on Orientation Island, you should have a look at Volunteer OID, catch an Orientation HUD (beneath the HELP ISLAND sign in the middle of the island) and then start the tutorial on your own to get an impression on where problems might occur.
  • Save one unused Orientation HUD in your inventory. It's not possible to reset scripts at the Orientation Islands and if a newbie and/or a bug breaks a HUD, it's good to have one handy to replace it.
  • If someone in the group chat asks for a specific Mentor and you wish to attend, please answer something like ok, be right there. This way, other Mentors are informed that this request is obsolete and there won't be about 10 Mentors popping up to just one request. Remember: We're more than 2500 people...
  • In group chat, ask directly what you are looking for and provide all necessary informations. Questions like Is there a spanish mentor available are just causing spam and maybe a flood of IMs for you. You could write instead I need a Spanish Mentor for NAME at PLACE. S/he'll come there if s/he's available.
  • There is no way to get out of an Orientation Island by using the search and pressing the provided teleport button. It just won't do anything, also it's highlighted. Newbies can't use the map to do the job as well, 'cause for them, there is just a blue field displayed with nothing on it. So if a newbie wants to leave an OI to a specific place, don't tell them to use the search or the map. The only chance to leave it is using a landmark or receiving a teleportation invite.


How can I teleport someone to an Orientation Island?

The person you'd like to teleport needs to be another Mentor or a new resident on another Orientation Island and you got to activate the Admin Mode to enable teleports. The Admin Mode is switched on by pressing CTRL + ALT + V for Windows or Linux and CTRL + CMD + V for Mac OS X.

What should I do if an underaged (< 18 years) is on the main grid?

File an Abuse Report and they will become redirected to the teen grid. There is no chance that s/he got accidentally on the main grid 'cause you got to enter your date of birth during the registration.

When I leave an OI or HI, my Home destination is the first place I TP from there. Any chance to avoid that?

No. You can only TP to your Home location first (CTRL + ALT + H) before going anywhere else so your new Home equals the old one. This is just for the restricted OIs and HIs not for OIP and HIP.

Usefull Tools for Mentors

  • Mystical Cookie offers her MystiTool HUD for free if you are a Mentor. Visit her Main StoreD, activate your group tag and click on the box in the north eastern corner of her store with the hovering "SL Mentors! Click Here!" text. TYVM Mysti!
  • There is a Mentors Freebie Store at SL Volunteer IslandD with lots of full permission freebies to offer new residents.