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This is...

...just my messy sandbox. So please ignore this page =)

Wikicode for c/p

  • [[Image:ShroomRoom.jpg|150px|thumb|test]]
  • #REDIRECT [[SLVEC Sandbox Items/Primfinder]]
  • {{Unsigned|Username|Date}}
  • {{delete|reason}}
  • {{User:Zai_Lynch/Quick_Links}}
  • {{User:Zai_Lynch/Discussion}}
  • <videoflash>SvdBRjpoTL0|200|100</videoflash>
  • {{HoverText|word|description}}
  • {{Footnote|TEXT}}
  • {{Footnotes}}
  • {{Jira|Issue-ID}}
  • <pre>text</pre> - avoids wikification
  • <span class="plainlinks">[http://www.google.com testlink]</span>
  • <span class="TablePager_nav">[http://www.google.com testlink]</span>
  • <span style="display:none;">something</span> - hides something
  • ?action=purge - purges cache
  • <br clear="all"/> - clears section
  • <div style="font-size: 130%; "> - useful for code
  • {{Anchor|anchor_label}}


  • <span id="anchor"></span> creates an anchor to pagename#anchor


<div id="box">
== Topic ==
<div style="padding: 0.5em">
bla bla



Debug settings

Setting Description Data type Default
ShowSelectionBeam Show selection particle beam when selecting or interacting with objects. Boolean True
RenderUseFBO Whether we want to use GL_EXT_framebuffer_objects. Boolean False
RenderDeferred Use deferred rendering pipeline. Boolean False
RenderUnloadedAvatar Show avatars which haven't finished loading Boolean False



To Do

  • create multilingual i18n disambiguation template for revised Project:Languages
  • ZHAO-II double-licensing issue
  • Poke head on linkclustering problem
  • Add links to LSL Portal functions to LSLwiki
    • RPGstats mirror done (I hate CAPTCHAs...)
    • http://www.lslwiki.net/ done, except following articles which were either not created or not editable (by me): llTextBox, llStringTrim, llSHA1String, llSetLinkPrimitiveParams, llSetClickAction, llRegionSay, llMessageLinked, llFrand, llGetAgentLanguage, llGetNumberOfNotecardLines, llGetObjectDetails, llGetRegionAgentCount, llDetectedTouchBinormal, llDetectedTouchFace, llDetectedTouchNormal, llDetectedTouchPos, llDetectedTouchST, llDetectedTouchUV
  • ...

Work in progress:

Some Useless Statistics

Description Code Value
Sitename {{SITENAME}} Second Life Wiki
Servername {{SERVERNAME}} wiki.secondlife.com
Scriptpath {{SCRIPTPATH}} /w
Current version {{CURRENTVERSION}} 1.23.7
Number of pages {{NUMBEROFPAGES}} 43,648
Number of articles {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} 10,375
Number of files {{NUMBEROFFILES}} 8,235
Number of edits {{NUMBEROFEDITS}} 277,433
Number of users {{NUMBEROFUSERS}} 73,201
Number of admins {{NUMBEROFADMINS}} 36


"Die Welt ist krank und der Arzt hat frei."
--Helge Schneider