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Sightseeing in SL

This is a work in progress. Please add SLURLs to interesting places below. Don't worry about the editing. I'll fix it if needed.
Watch the discussion page for further details. TY =)

Place Description
The Oyster Bay Art Exhibition
Greenies Home How the world would look like if you're really really tiny...
The Future Art Exhibition
Strawberys journey Switch to midnight, turn the volume up and start the music stream. Then follow the path (don't fly).
ISM International Spaceflight Museum
The Splo will add the SLURL later *coughs*
Ivory Tower Of Prim A great place to learn how to build
Second Louvre Art Exhibition
Psi Beta Stargate Click the hammer shaped pillar and switch to midnight to discover a great hidden cave
Seacliff (?)
Strawberry installation (will be gone after valentines day...)