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Zamantha Carter

About Me

Zamantha Carter is a freelance Second Life model who originates from Canada. She was the 2009 winner of SL's Miss Lotus Flower and has represented SL retail clients including "Wavez", "芙蓉女兒" (Lotus Girl), and "Bambou". Zamantha was formerly married in SL to Bullet Clip and can still usually be found in front of Chalet Linden in Wengen.

Her present SL interests include the club scene and photography. She often frequents Canadian, Asian-themed, and beach sims. In addition to her home of Wengen, Zamantha's favorite sims have included China (the China boat), Venice Beach, Japan Resort, China Town, and Kowloon.

Zamantha is an advocate for Internet Freedom in China and has been seen protesting for Chinese rights in Second Life sims. She is an avid photographer and her pictures can be found in the Snapzilla and Flickr. Her work as an Asian model and photographer has helped her in designing shapes for others in SL to assist them in realizing more realistic Asian avatars.

Zamantha was born in SL on March 2nd, 2007.

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Zamantha Carter

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