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Primary Database Thoughts

  • In a decentralized system, there is always the potential net splits to occur. Methods need to be developed to prevent irrational assets or even broken referential assets. For example, one could require the complete form of an intellectual property be stored all in a single primary database with all related assets that constitute that form instead of being allowed to exist in multiple primary databases. Dzonatas Sol 23:07, 22 October 2007 (PDT)
  • It is obvious that movement of tangible assets from one primary database to another primary database needs a cHTTP basis to communicate the move. Dzonatas Sol 23:07, 22 October 2007 (PDT)
  • One way to avoid irrational assets is to allow secondary database be local to a primary database such that the secondary database stores abstract assets instead of the attempt to create irrational assets. I've done a similar scheme like this before on a very small scale, and I already know it is test cases with abstract assets are not as simple as to allow irrational assets. There are, however, less redundant sanity checks are needed with abstract assets locally to the primary database, and it reduces a load on the primary database with assets that would become tangible but actually remain transient. Dzonatas Sol 23:07, 22 October 2007 (PDT)