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Yes, another tutor. I specialize in gestalt situation handling. That is, even I can't figure out how I do what I do. It changes from day to day and situation to situation. Editing profiles when ill is perilous. Don't forget to have pancakes once in awhile, and learn how to make them for Pete's sake. There is no substitute for real maple syrup. Tutor at your own risk. You didn't hear me say that.

I am lost for words about the previous comment (in other words, I don't understand a word of it ;)

SL *can* take over your rl. Finding a good balance between rl and SL is the key. And within SL between problem solving and fun. Although I know very well you love doing SL and everything that comes with it, my advise is just to slow down a bit and focus on your rl also. Once you turn of the computer, SL will be *poof* gone instantly. But rl will always be there...

There will always be residents with tricky problems to solve. But it is not required you have to solve them all by yourself. Please, do not take the whole (SL) world on your shoulders. It will kill your passion for SL in the end. Especially if your rl is demanding also. It's no shame to step back a bit and let SL continue without you solving everyone's problems. Those tricky problems will be solved somehow anyway. No worries. Go have some fun also! When was the last time you danced with your wife? :) Lisa Lowe 07:42, 22 July 2008 (PDT)