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a recent chat log:

[03:27] C____ Sonata: you are only reasonably new to sl

[03:28] Stone Tremont: i learn fast

[03:28] C____ Sonata: where you from

[03:28] Stone Tremont: Isuka

[03:29] C____ Sonata: never heard of it

[03:29] Stone Tremont: its says so right there at the top of your screen

[03:29] C____ Sonata: i meant in rl

[03:29] Stone Tremont: east coast us is all i tell ppl

[03:30] C____ Sonata: fair enough

[03:30] C____ Sonata: can i give you a few hints with out you getting angry at me

[03:31] Stone Tremont: i guess

[03:31] C____ Sonata: i know it says ive only been here 14 days but i have actually been here for three years

[03:32] Stone Tremont: so

[03:32] C____ Sonata: mmm the tone tells me you dont want me to say anything

[03:33] C____ Sonata: so i best just leave thankyou for your hospitality

[03:33] Stone Tremont: this is chat, there is no tone, you just haven't said anything new to me yet

[03:33] Stone Tremont: what did you want to tell me

[03:33] C____ Sonata: there is tone trust me

[03:33] C____ Sonata: i hope allgoes good for you

[03:33] Stone Tremont: there is now on your end