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Your username is the unique account name or account ID you use to log into Second Life. Your username appears above your avatar inworld and identifies you to other Second Life Residents. You can also set a display name that appears above your username.

Is my "Second Life name" my username?

If you're a newer Second Life Resident, you created a unique username when you registered. That username is what you enter to log into Second Life (for example: mortimer1980, jsmith57).

KBnote.png Note: This registration process is not yet released. With Viewer 2.3, you still need to choose a Second Life first and last name.

If you're a longtime Second Life Resident, you selected a Second Life name when you joined. That Second Life name now forms your username, using the formula:

(Second Life first name, in lowercase).(Second Life last name, in lowercase)

For example, if your Second Life name was Joe Smith when you joined, your username is joe.smith .

You should enter your username, or your "classic" Second Life first and last names into the Username field to log into Second Life.

Is my username my display name?

Your username and display name are separate. You can use the Second Life Viewer to set a display name for your avatar that's different from your username. See Display names for more details. However, you may not use your display name to log into Second Life.

Showing or hiding usernames

To show or hide usernames inworld, both in chat and over every avatar:

  1. Log into Second Life.
  2. Choose Me > Preferences from the top menu.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. Select the Usernames checkbox. If the box is checked, usernames are shown. If the box is not checked, usernames are hidden.
  5. Click OK.