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Second Life Viewer Versioning

The Second Life Viewer uses a four-place version convention that is common to the software industry. The four places in the w.x.y.z version string correspond to Major.Minor.Patch.Revision, and combine to indicate the nature of each release. Information describing circumstances under which each place is incremented has been provided in the following sections.

Note: Individual Second Life viewer versions may be formatted as either "w.x.y.z" or "w.x.y (z)". In 'Help > About Second Life', as well as in the release notes, we have standardized on the "w.x.y (z)" format, but either version format is considered correct.

Major Revision - w.x.y.z

The first place, or Major version, in each version number effectively represents the "generation" of Second Life. Changes in the Major revision are reserved for comprehensive changes in the way Second Life looks and/or functions. The best, and most recent example is Viewer 2, which constituted a significant change in the look, feel and operation of Second Life - thereby justifying the Major version increment from 1 to 2.

Minor Revision - w.x.y.z

The second place, or Minor version, is the most frequently incremented digit and is used to denote the addition of significant new features and enhancements, as well as releases in which many bugs are fixed. Releases including only minor enhancements and consisting predominantly of bug fixes, are often referred to as "maintenance releases", and also result in a change to the Minor revision number.

  • Recent examples:
    • 2.1.0 included the new Voice Morphing feature, as well as a significant number of crash and performance fixes, and much-requested Bottom Bar and Sidebar improvements
    • 2.2.0 included further Bottom Bar improvements, the ability to un-dock the Sidebar, a "sit anywhere" option, a new "Translate chat" option, and many other improvements and bug fixes

NOTE: To see what we've changed, from one release to the next, check out the release notes.

Patch Revision - w.x.y.z

The third place, or Patch version, is reserved for releases needed to address extremely urgent bugs, or important security issues.

NOTE: Prior to the release of Viewer 2, the Patch revision was incremented with each Beta or Release Candidate release. This practice has been discontinued to reserve the third place for legitimate Patch releases and to better distinguish between Major, Minor, and Patch releases.

Build - w.x.y.z

The final position always represents a unique Revision number, which denotes internal changes only. The official released version of the Second Life viewer will only use the first three digits to have meaning (e.g. 1.20.6).

  • Some parts of the Second Life UI and Web site show this last digit in parenthesis (z) to emphasize the, er, parenthetical nature of that field - it shouldn’t be important except to software developers seeking a precise snapshot of when the code was packaged.