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The following's a list of Second Life tutorials. This isn't meant to be a complete compilation, but specifically lists tutorials I've personally viewed and have found helpful. I (Torley Linden) started this with the intention of providing an easy-access resource for SL vidtuts, because currently (2007-02-27), they're scarce and hard-to-find.

Please add what you've found useful; all I request is that you keep the presentation consistent so this page serves future generations well, and I'll be revisiting to learn from your knowledge —

"May we watch over the shoulders of our enlightened educators with smiles as plentiful as water!"

Vidtuts in the Knowledge Base

Content creation

  • n00b Be Gone series - By Natural Selection Studios.
    • Camera Tutorial - "how to interact with objects, different forms of camera controls, and a few ‘unknown’ tricks"
    • Building Tutorial - "basic building inside Second Life - as well as continuing camera controls learned in the first episode"
  • Assorted resources and links - Includes guides to filming machinima and telling a story, some video tutorials, and movies of inworld adventures. By Thinkerer Melville.
  • How to create a forest wall - By Benja Kepler. "shows how to make a 'forest wall' of two wall panels and the way a single photograph can be applied to them both"
  • Creating a Sculpted Prim : 1. The Apple - By Benja Kepler. Shows the steps required to create a sculpted prim, and includes close-ups of the build tools so that detail can be seen of the settings and options.
  • Where Was That Money Tree? - By Benja Kepler. With an object's location, as a SLURL, now being recorded in your Chat History if it gives you a Notecard, this video shows how this can be used to keep track of Money Trees. Same idea can be used for Lucky Chairs too.


Introductory guides