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The following's a list of Second Life tutorials. This isn't meant to be a complete compilation, but includes tutorials I've personally viewed and have found helpful. I (Torley Linden) started this with the intention of providing an easy-access resource for SL vidtuts, because currently (2007-02-27), they're scarce and hard-to-find.

Please add what you've found useful; all I request is that you keep the presentation consistent so this page serves future generations well, and I'll be revisiting to learn from your knowledge —

"May we watch over the shoulders of our enlightened educators with smiles as plentiful as water!"

Video Tutorials in the Knowledge Base

You can also download most of these vidtuts (feel free to link to those URLs to stream them inworld)!

Video Tutorials on externals website

This vidtuts are in French and are made by Teruki Shan

Content creation

  • n00b Be Gone series - By Natural Selection Studios.
    • Camera Tutorial - "how to interact with objects, different forms of camera controls, and a few ‘unknown’ tricks"
    • Building Tutorial - "basic building inside Second Life - as well as continuing camera controls learned in the first episode"
  • Assorted resources and links - Includes guides to filming machinima and telling a story, some video tutorials, and movies of inworld adventures. By Thinkerer Melville.
  • Vidtuts - By Benja Kepler.
    • Creating Sculpted Prims
      • 1. The Apple Shows the steps required to create a sculpted prim, and includes close-ups of the build tools so that detail can be seen of the settings and options. This video shows how to create an apple, one of the pieces of fruit available in the library.
      • 2. A Hat - Using the Rokuro (lathe) tool, this video shows how to create a hat using a sculpted prim.
    • Scripting
      • Dance Animation Script 1. Basic concepts How to write a script to animate an avatar to dance, using one animation. This shows the basics needed, viz. requesting permission from the avatar to animate and how to start the animation.
      • Dance Animation Script 2. Choice of dances A 'dance floor' or 'dance ball' offers a choice of dances. This video shows how to do this with two dances. It shows the use of a list, and the dialog and listen functions.


Introductory guides

Feature demos

These aren't intentionally educational, but highlight specific aspects of Second Life.