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RHN Info

The Vienna Freebies Welcome Area group was founded by Ice Stawberry and has 222 members as of Monday 13 October 2008. Group Representative: Jan Hird. Group Dokumentarian: Ice Stawberry

What do we offer?

Having the official and boring part mentioned, let's have a look at the fun part:
The Vienna Freebies Welcome Area group is offering help for you!

  • Free items for your Second Life sorted in more than 1500 boxes.
  • Free clubbing, parties, live music events, snowboardraces, skydiving and more.
  • A tutorial where you'll learn how to
    • customize your avatar
    • earn money
    • shop, chat and make party.

Our group is open enrollment and our main focus are freebies, but our mentors are also offering new Resident basics in English and German, as well as general help and guidance in SL.
Our mentors are carefully selected Residents who got an SL experience of at least 6 month and who are obeying to the Tao of Volunteers.

Where can you find us and our freebies?

Please join our group!

You can also visit us. Take a walk through our Landmark red.pngGerman Tutorial and Community Gateway, explore SL by starting at our Landmark red.png"Lucky Landmark" Freebie Travel Agency or have a look in our Landmark red.pngFreebie Stores!
These are also sorted themetically:

Landmark red.png Shoes
Landmark red.png Furries
Landmark red.png Party Wear
Landmark red.png Leisure Wear
Landmark red.png Asian Clothes
Landmark red.png Skin, Tattoo, Hair, Eyes, AO
Landmark red.png Lingerie, Gown, Suits wedding, Jewellery

We're looking forward to meet you!

Infos for future mentors

Are you interested in becoming a Vienna Freebies Mentor?
Please contact Jan Hird for our German Tutorial! He holds meetings every Tuesday at 21:00 MEZ/MESZ
Have a look at our Meeting Agenda to prepare yourself prior the meeting.


Many thanks to Zai "Miss Wikiness" Lynch for helping us with the wiki!
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