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Welcome to our lovely Viewer 2 Beta!

We've got lots of help to support the awesome improvements!

This page is an easy list of all Viewer 2 help resources and is curated by the Documentation Team. Have a suggestion? Let Torley know.

Fresh tips & tricks

What help is available for Viewer 2?

  • Totally new context-sensitive help built into the Viewer - Open just about any window, sidebar tab, and so on, and click the ? button. It doesn't get any easier. For example:
    Click question mark for help.png
  • Quick Start Guide - A comprehensively-illustrated tour of what you need to know. Also available from the Viewer's sidebar when you click the Home tab:
    Quick start guide sidebar.png
  • Beta FAQ - Hot questions answered in PDF format.
  • Release Notes - Need to dig into the details and get a blow-by-blow list of what's changed? Check these out.
  • Transition Video Tutorials - Fun and friendly how-tos hosted by Torley. Think of it as an in-action "switcher's guide" of "Where did [insert feature] go?" (And check out the rest of our YouTube channel while you're at it.) For example:
  • Second Life Answers - Ask fellow Residents questions about Viewer 2! Feel the love.
    • If you want to share Viewer 2 experiences, we also have a forum for that.
  • Viewer 2 Tips & Tricks blog - Learn something useful regularly!

Questions & Answers

Hot-tos and responses for hot Viewer 2 stuff! We heart followup! Also see Second Life Tips & Tricks.

Concerning our help itself:

Q: How is the Knowledge Base being updated for Viewer 2 help?

A: We'll announce this when V2 gets out of beta and is the main supported Viewer. In the meantime, feel free to share your V2 tips & tricks on this wiki, but please don't overwrite Viewer 1.23-specific articles because it's the current supported Viewer!

Resident-shared tips

KBwarning.png Warning: These are unofficial and we can't guarantee them to work. Use at your own risk.
  • Viewer 2 Tweaks - Compilation of ways to change the interface, restore old functionality, and explore new debug settings.