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A place to share tweaks for Viewer 2

KBwarning.png Warning: These are unofficial and Linden Lab can't guarantee them to work. Use at your own risk.

XML modifications

Changed the way how sidebar works

NOTE sidebar will no longer "crop" your sl view of world, and now is also on top all floaters INCLUDING notification popups... see screenshot.

NOTE if you have anny sugestions to improve more leave message at forums How to improve v2.0 (xml/Graphics mods)

NOTE As alwayse backup your files!

  • Replace the xml inside main_view.xml located in skins\default\xui\en

With the xml from 

screenshot: [1]

--Alexandrea Fride 15:10, 18 March 2010 (UTC)

Extend the Nearby Chat bar

UPDATED FIX for viewer 2.0.0 (202711)

  • In skins/default/xui/en/panel_bottomtray.xml

Change the max_width (pixels) from 320 to 768. Change the min_width (pixels) from 216 to 512

         filename="panel_nearby_chat_bar.xml" />

You will have to edit this file with administrator privs under MacOS X.

-- Naomah Beaumont March 15,2010

Based on the original fix by Psi Merlin

Buttons for Map, Mini-Map and Inventory added

These buttons have been added on the bottom bar as in 1.23. They all produce the appropriate popup windows, including the 'Inventory' one.

  • Replace panel_bottomtray.xml located in skins\default\xui\en with the xml from

-- Hitomi Tiponi, 16 March 2010 (updated for release 202711)

Debug Settings

Go to the Advanced menu and click on Show Debug Settings.

Things you might want to change:

  • ChannelBottomPanelMargin -- set to 30 to have your popup chats start a little lower
  • mediaControlFadeTime -- Amount of time before the media control window fades out. Increase from 1.5 seconds to 10 or so.
  • NearbyToastLifeTime -- How long popup chats are on the screen
  • PluginInstancesTotal -- set to 0 if you never want media on a prim to play, even if you click on a MoaP, or increase it if you want to see more than the default of 8. (Note that MoaP is not the only place where SLPlugin is used. It will also affect the "Home" panel of the sidebar, the Help Browser and the search. Setting this to 0 will not allow you to use the search anymore!)
  • ToastGap -- set to 0 to close up the gap between popup chats
  • ShowHoverTips -- set to FALSE to turn off in-world hover tips over objects. Alternatively, restore the menu item and the ctrl-shift-T shortcut by editing menu_viewer.xml and removing the two sets of comment markers near the word "hover".

Also see: Debug_settings.