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===New Topics===
===New Topics===
# {{JiraIssue|VWR-11492|Mute button for llDialog popup}} can this be pulled into Snowstorm? --[[User:Jonathan Yap|Jonathan Yap]] 11:18, 8 June 2011 (PDT)
# {{JiraIssue|SH-1618| Lighting/Shadows Crash ATI Macs}} fixed on Mesh branch just after the merge, please pull into Viewer Development asap (added by [[User:TriloByte_Zanzibar|TriloByte Zanzibar]])
# {{JiraIssue|VWR-25942|Include ability to format chat/IM's}} - [[User:Haravikk Mistral|Haravikk Mistral]]
# {{JiraIssue|VWR-25896| Broken Perms on Bulk Uploads}} broken in mesh merge, now broken in official release, beta, and viewer-dev (added by [[User:TriloByte_Zanzibar|TriloByte Zanzibar]])
<!--Add your topic before this line
<!--Add your topic before this line

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Review of proposals for new features and changes in the official Second Life Viewer.

Open to all Second Life users who would like to collaborate with Linden Lab and open source developers to improve the viewer experience.


Every Friday 08:00-09:00 SLT at Sand CastleD


The agenda for the next meeting is:

Headline Topic

Windlight Region Settings Project Viewer

New Topics

  1. VWR-11492 Mute button for llDialog popup can this be pulled into Snowstorm? --Jonathan Yap 11:18, 8 June 2011 (PDT)


  1. Windlight STORM-1126 Windlight


Records of past meetings: Viewer Evolution User Group/Archive

See the list of other user groups.