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Review of proposals for new features and changes in the official Second Life Viewer.

Open to all Second Life users who would like to collaborate with Linden Lab and open source developers to improve the viewer experience.


Every Wednesday 08:00-09:00 SLT at Sand CastleD


The agenda for the next meeting is:

  1. VWR-25368 Linux viewer sucks up file descriptors, stops loading content and crashes (added by Discrete Dreamscape)
  2. STORM-809 Official Linux builds no longer built with c-ares support - causes big performance pauses
  3. VWR-23318 Persistent frame-rate stutter, still happening in 224836 (added by TriloByte Zanzibar)
  4. VWR-24731 add new changes in gpu_table.txt/support for new and recent GPU's (added by TriloByte Zanzibar)
  5. VWR-7677 Also STORM-761 Windlight (added by TriloByte Zanzibar)
  6. VWR-25260 Ability to synch landmarks between alts on the same computer (added by Cummere Mayo)
  7. VWR-24764 VWR-25062 & etc. Ability to filter media by domain in the viewer (Added by Cummere Mayo and Qie Niangao)
  8. VWR-2085 (and STORM-26) Ctrl-Alt-F1 Hide/Show UI Incompatible with Linux (4 years old) --oobscure 08:19, 23 March 2011 (PDT)


Records of past meetings: Viewer Evolution User Group/Archive

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