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Review of proposals for new features and changes in the official Second Life Viewer.

Open to all Second Life users who would like to collaborate with Linden Lab and open source developers to improve the viewer experience.


Every Wednesday 08:00-09:00 SLT at Sand CastleD


The agenda for the next meeting is:


  1. VWR-24731 add new changes in gpu_table.txt/support for new and recent GPU's (added by TriloByte Zanzibar)
  2. VWR-7677 Also STORM-761 Windlight (added by TriloByte Zanzibar)
  3. VWR-24764 Ability to filter media by domain in the viewer (Added by Cummere Mayo and Qie Niangao)
  4. STORM-313 Better display of parcel permissions and group effects
    • was: VWR-7830 Automatically switch active group on group land
    • VWR-7830 should remain open under the new parent issue VWR-25525 as one of a set of alternatives, and only be closed once one or more alternatives have been implemented such that the problem of group switching is solved to some reasonable degree. If code-related issues exist that make VWR-7830 difficult to implement at present, then these should be added as depended-upon issues accordingly so that they might someday be resolved.
  5. VWR-25506 Investigate restrictions on storing and exchanging inventory items within prims and notecards
    • was: VWR-25260 Ability to synch landmarks between alts on the same computer

New Topics

  1. Display Names not being cached properly? Frequently display names won't display right away, even though they've been displayed elsewhere recently, seems like they're being fetched again every time. - Haravikk Mistral (would post or find JIRA issue but can't)
    • Possible cause: display_name_next_update in avatar_name_cache.xml often seems to be set to the unix epoch (1970-01-01T00:00:00Z), and display_name_expires is often set to a time earlier then present time, possibly causing updates unnecessarily, most likely a timezone issue as timestamps aren't valid future UTC times? - Haravikk Mistral
  2. Chat transcripts/history for IMs still aren't always logged consistently, mostly causing newer messages to be stored in a different file from that used to display recent chat history when opening a new IM session. All cases of IMs being logged should really use username for consistency, with detectable files using legacy name transferred over automatically. - Haravikk Mistral (would post or find JIRA issue but can't)
  3. VWR-23121 Minimising interface clutter for Viewer 2.0/Snowstorm
  4. Poor responsiveness of Profile and IM buttons in search; after searching for a person in the search window, clicking the IM or Profile button will often do nothing for an inexplicably long-time. Surely the change to a profile page should just occur right away in the browser, and the IM window open right away? - Haravikk Mistral (would post or find JIRA issue but can't)


Records of past meetings: Viewer Evolution User Group/Archive

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