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By: McCabe Maxsted
Viewer Version: 1.20.8
Information: Dazzle MC
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This is my version of Dazzle. I use it regularly, both as a "sandbox" skin to test out tweaks/edits to xml files, as well as my main skin while exploring SL. Here are the differences between Dazzle MC and regular Dazzle:

  • Single line toolbar.
  • Object editor now reveals up to the fifth decimal place (useful in correcting floating point errors, or if you're OCD about prim/texture alignment).
  • Resizable search window.
  • "Touch" added to the attachments pie menu (VWR-6571).
  • Reworked viewer menus, including:
    • Menu reorganization (see VWR-7060 for a full list of changes).
    • Added "Return" to Tools (VWR-1363).
    • Added release notes and a link to this skin page under Help.

Stuff I'm working on currently:

  • Redoing the layout of the object editor.
  • Redoing the layout of the preferences panel.

If you have any ideas for an edit you'd like to see, ping me inworld. Don't worry, I'm nice.