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By: McCabe Maxsted
Viewer Version: 1.20.13
Information: Dazzle MC
Source: Download zip file
Dazzle MC skin for 1.20 by McCabe Maxsted

This is my version of Dazzle. I use it regularly, both as a "sandbox" skin to test out tweaks/edits to xml files, as well as my main skin while exploring SL. Here are the differences between Dazzle MC and regular Dazzle:


  • Updated file structure due to changes in RC13.
  • Removed custom fonts to allow for skin switching.
  • New selection in Skins preference panel: Dazzle Mc
    • (Clicking on the image doesn't work, but the radio button does)
  • Skin only overwrites one file now.
  • Removed search bar from the upper right. Checkbox in the preferences now toggles lag meter.
  • Replaced "Go..." (movement controls) in the pie menu with "Inventory".
  • Found a bug that causes the "Communicate" button to shrink in certain circumstances. Looking into it.


  • Added new fonts:


  • Updated floater_directory.xml.
  • Improved attachment pie menu for prim-based avatars (VWR-8080).
    • Attachments can be inspected as well as touched.


  • Friend requests and calling card offers can now be ignored to keep online status private (VWR-4826).
  • 0.005 was excessive. Cuts now increment at 0.025 (VWR-7877).
  • Changed "Select Texture" to "Select Face" (VWR-5962).
  • Changed Right Click > "Delete" in the Inv to "Move To Trash" (VWR-7238). The mac version makes more sense in this case.


  • Communicate button doesn't auto-resize anymore.
  • Removed the "Release Keys" button.
  • Fixed the spacing for the media/voice controls.
  • Chat history can now be minimized.
  • Changed the grid increments to 0.025.


  • Set cache size up to 10 GB.
  • Texture tab now increments at 0.025 instead of 0.1
  • Updated floater_directory.xml to RC9.


  • Single line toolbar.
  • Moved most of the old toolbar up into the menus. All shortcuts still work, and there are still icons for Communicate, Inventory, and Chat.
  • Slimmed down media controls. All icons in the toolbar now act as buttons.
  • Removed channel indicator in the voice controls (deemed it unnecessary).
  • Reorganized viewer menu (see VWR-7060 for a full list of changes).
  • New help commands:
    • Help > About Skin...
    • Help > Check For Skin Updates...
  • Added "Return" to Tools (VWR-1363).
  • Object location/size/rotation now show up to five decimal places. This makes getting rid of floating point errors possible, as well as allows for finer prim alignment.
  • Path cuts display to the fourth decimal place, incrementing by 0.005. (Path cuts don't handle five decimal places well).
  • Texture tab too displays five decimal places.
  • Can now touch HUD attachments through the pie menu (VWR-6571).