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Sample screenshot

Project Description

This purpose of this project is to modernize the visual appearance of the Viewer User Interface. We will use the Viewer's existing skinning hooks wherever possible, documenting and addressing technical blockers as required.

Project Goals

  • Improve visual appearance with modern UI graphics and icons
  • Improve discoverability through expanded use of iconography
  • Improve approachability with a lighter, friendlier color scheme
  • Improve legibility by using dark text on light backgrounds

Technical Blockers

  • VWR-2444 Menu background colors aren't settable in colors_base.xml
  • VWR-2445 Default IM/chat text color not settable in colors_base.xml
  • VWR-2446 Viewer can't display UI textures that aren't in dimensions of powers-of-two
  • VWR-2447 Text drop-shadow settings aren't configurable in XML, resulting in legibility issues under various color schemes

Sample Files

Coming soon...