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Shows your profile. View and edit your profile images, description, website link, and add picks. Sharing details is voluntary.

Second Life

  Your current inworld profile image and description. Click More to view the full description.
Real World

  Your current real-world profile image and description.

  Website link.
Resident Since

  Date your account was created, also known as your rezday; also shows how long it's been since that date.
Account Status

  Shows either Resident or Linden Lab Employee. This section includes status of Resident payment info on file.

  Your partner's name, if you have one. See Partnering.
Edit Profile

  Click Edit Profile to edit your profile and set or reset your display name.
Display Name

  Shows your chosen display name. Click the  Edit Wrench Edit Wrench to change your display name.

  Shows your unique username.
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