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== Ways to communicate ==
== Ways to communicate ==

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Ways to communicate

Second Life offers a variety of ways to communicate with other people, depending on your preference:

  • Text chat - Similar to other online environments, you can type lines of text chat, which can be publicly seen inworld, type a private instant message with another Resident, or share messages among members of a group. Also see:
  • Voice chat - With a microphone and headset attached to your computer, you can use your own voice to speak. Every text chat mode has a voice counterpart, so there's public, private, and group voice. Also see:
  • Gestures - Your avatar is capable of using "body language" to express how you're feeling, including animations and sounds. For example, at a club, you can trigger a dance to show you're enjoying the music. Also see:

Making friends

If you're getting to know someone and want to stay in touch later, you can add them to your friends list. It's easy to do so:

  1. Ask the Resident if you can send them a friendship request.
  2. If they accept, right-click their avatar and choose Add Friend.
    • If they're remote and you're in a conversation, in the instant message window, click Add Friend on the left.
  3. Upon their acceptance, they're added to your friends list.

Second Life has a unique culture with some customs similar to real world ones, and other customs are quite different. For more on socializing in Second Life, see SLetiquette.

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