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Media in Second Life includes audio and video (Flash, Quicktime, MPEG, streaming formats, and so on), as well as web pages. Click a link in chat or elsewhere to display web pages in the Media Browser, the Viewer's built-in web browser or your computer's default web browser.

Parcel media

Each parcel of land in Second Life supports two separate media streams, each of which are only viewable or listenable when you are standing on that parcel of land:

  • Parcel Streaming Audio - Accepts audio-only media streams and files.
  • Parcel Streaming Media - Accepts a wide variety of media streams, including still images, audio and video files, non-interactive web content, and so on.

For more information about parcel media, see:

Inworld shared media

You can put media on the face of any prim inworld. This enables you to create things such as video screens, interactive shared whiteboards, and other effects. Shared media operates independently from any land-based media streams and can be viewed or carried across parcel borders without interruption.

For more information about how to configure and navigate shared media, see:

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