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BEING REVIEWED BY TORLEY... as Kool-Aid Man would say, "OH YEAHHHH."

Create new gestures or edit existing gestures when you have modify permissions. Gesture triggers can be edited with any permission setting.


  The gesture's required name.

  Optional description explaining what the gesture does.

Gestures can be triggered either by text, a shortcut key, or both. (Or neither, but this makes it harder to start a gesture.)


  Text shortcut to start the gesture. Triggers usually include / followed a few characters. A gesture must be active to be triggered: right-click the gesture in your inventory and choose Activate.
Replace with

  Optional text output the trigger is replaced with. Useful for expanding abbreviations into phrases. For example, if your Trigger is /hi and your Replace with is Friendly greetings!, entering the trigger results in Friendly greetings! appearing in local chat.
Shortcut Key

  Use the dropdowns to assign a keystroke that starts an Active gesture.


Use the Library functions to customize your gesture.


  Add an animation to the gesture. Select Animation from the Library: options then click Add>>. Select the new animation from the Steps list. Select an Animation to play from the dropdown. Select Start or Stop value for the animation.

  Add a sound to the gesture. Select Sound from the Library options then click Add>>. Select a Sound to play from the dropdown.

  Add chat to the gesture. Select Chat from the Library options then click Add>>. Enter text in the Chat to say: box.

  Add a pause between gesture Steps. Select Wait from the Library: options then click Add>>. Check the until animations are done or the time in seconds box. Enter seconds using 0.0 format in the time in seconds box.


List of actions that will be performed when the gesture is initiated.


  Use the Up button to move actions up in the Steps: list.

  Use the Down button to move actions down in the Steps: list.

  Use the Remove button to remove actions from the Steps: list.

Activate, Preview and Save

Use these options to finalize your gesture edits.


  Check the Activate box to activate your gesture.

  Click the Preview button. Your avatar will perform a preview of the gesture.

  Click the Save button to save changes to your gesture.
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