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Shows a list of all web-based media near your avatar and provides you with controls for allowing or blocking each instance.

All Nearby Media   Shows how many media instances are nearby and allows you to disable them all at once by clicking the Power On Power On button.
Parcel Media   Shows the URL for the current parcel's media stream. You can enable or disable this media by clicking the Power On Power On or Power Off Power Off button. You can also adjust the volume of the parcel's media stream by moving the Audio slider below the URL. The Background Audio slider controls the volume of the parcel's separate audio stream.
Individual Media Streams   Lists every instance of media on an object near your avatar. You can disable individual sources by unchecking the box next to its URL.
Allow Media to Auto-Play   Allows media with Auto Play Media to play as soon as you come into range. If this box is unchecked, you must start all media manually.
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