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BEING REVIEWED BY TORLEY... as Kool-Aid Man would say, "OH YEAHHHH."

Shows all parcel media and Shared Media near your avatar, and provides you with controls for allowing or blocking each instance.

Stop All

  Stops all media.
Start All

  Starts all media.

  Opens Preferences - Sound & Media so you can set individual volume levels and other media options.
More >>

  Expands Nearby Media to show the nearby media list.

  In addition to All, you can fine-tune the list to only show media In this Parcel, Outside this Parcel, and On other Avatars. This can help you track down an unwanted instance of media you want to selectively disable.

Select an instance of media in the list. Depending on the media type, additional buttons appear below:

  Starts or stops the media. Parcel Streaming Audio also has a button which resumes playback at the point you last left off instead of at the beginning (when applicable, such as an MP3 being streamed).
Volume slider

  Adjusts the volume for Parcel Streaming Audio, or click the speaker icon to mute it.
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