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Customizes the colors that the Viewer uses.

My effects

  Sets the color of the animated dots that appear when you select objects and when you teleport. Click the swatch to show the Color Picker and choose a color.

Chat font colors - Click the swatches to open a Color Picker and customize the color.

Me   Your text chat, by default the same as Others. Change to make your own words stand out.
Others   Text chat from other Residents.
Objects   Text chat from scripted objects, such as information or welcome kiosks.
System   Text sent by Second Life system, such as "Connecting to in-world Voice Chat..." and when your L$ balance is updated.
Errors   Error messages sent by a scripted object.
Direct   TBD
Owner   Text chat from a scripted object you own. See llOwnerSay scripting call.
URLs   Clickable hyperlinks recognized because they begin with http://, https://, or secondlife://. These are also underlined so you know you can click on them. URLs beginning with secondlife:// are converted to SLurls.
Name tag background color

  Sets the color and transparency of your name tag background.
  • Click the swatch to show the Color Picker and choose a color.
  • Opacity - Move the slider to set the transparency.
Floater Opacity

  Sets the transparency of floater windows in your Viewer.
  • Active - Move the slider to set the transparency of the floater that has mouse focus.
  • Inactive - Move the slider to set the transparency of floaters that don't have mouse focus.
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