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Shows the terms of use and options for a parcel that are set by an estate owner or manager at the estate level.

Name   The estate containing this region.
Owner   The estate owner.
Covenant   Terms and conditions set by the estate owner.
Last Modified   The date the covenant was last modified.
Region   The region containing the land parcel.
Type   Either the Linden-owned Mainland or a Resident-owned private estate. Also shows region type.
Rating   The region's maturity rating.
Resale   Whether purchased land in this region may be resold or not. Set by an estate owner or manager in Region/Estate - Region.
Subdivide   Whether purchased land in this region may be joined and subdivided or not. Set by an estate owner or manager in Region/Estate - Region.

To set or change the covenant, the terms of use for an estate, drag a notecard from your inventory into the Covenant section.

  • A covenant isn't required to sell land in your estate, but it's highly recommended to prevent miscommunication and other problems. Covenants can also share expected behavior for visitors.
  • Anyone who's buying land from you must agree to the covenant before they can purchase it.
  • Covenants are always viewable, but not editable, in About Land - Covenant.
  • Click Reset to remove the covenant for the estate.
  • See Covenants.
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