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Edits, compiles, and saves scripts written in LSL. For more information about scripting, visit the LSL Portal.

If a script is no-modify, you're notified that "You can not view or edit this script..." and see a Lock Lock.


  Description of the currently open script. Not shown when editing a script inworld.
Main editing field

  Contains the actual LSL code. The editor highlights relevant LSL keywords and attempts to maintain your indentation based on bracket usage. You can hover your cursor over any keyword for a brief tooltip description of its functionality.

  Displays messages regarding save and compiler status. If the compiler finds an error when you try to save, it displays the line and column number where it was discovered, along with a brief message about the nature of the problem.
List of functions

  This dropdown menu contains a list of every built-in function in LSL. Click any function in the list to paste its name into the editing field at your cursor's location.

  Sets the running state of the script. Uncheck this box to stop execution. Not applicable if you're editing a script in your inventory.

  Sets the scripting engine this script runs upon on the Second Life servers. If the box is checked, the script runs on the Mono scripting engine. If unchecked, the script runs on the older, original LSL engine. Not applicable if you're editing a script in your inventory.

  Saves and compiles the current code in the editing field. Confirmation and/or error messages are displayed in the log area.

  Restarts execution of the script from the beginning. Not applicable if you're editing a script in your inventory.

The script editor also has its own set of menus above the editing field:



  Same as the Save button described above.
Revert All Changes

  Reverts the script to its last-saved state. Only available if you've made changes.



  Undoes the last change you made to the script. Multiple undo works, so if you want to backtrack on various changes, select Undo several times.

  If you decided you did want a change you used Undo on, simply select this and the change returns.

  Removes the currently-selected text and saves it to the clipboard.

  Keeps the currently-selected text as-is but saves it to the clipboard.

  Inserts the contents of the clipboard where the cursor is in the script editor.
Select all

  Highlights the whole script.

  Deselects what you have highlighted.

  Opens the Script Search window.



  Opens the LSL Portal with more information about scripting in Second Life.
Keyword Help...

  Opens a window with scripting-specific interactive help.
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