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Voice Mentors Logo

The Voice Mentors Group seeks to promote the effective and efficient use of voice in Second Life.

Mission Statement

We believe that voice has its place in Second Life and that if anyone wishes to speak they should be allowed without reservation or prejudice. Second Life will remain primarily a text based chat environment for some time but we are HEAR to assist anyone in a helpful and supportive way with any apprehensions or technical issues that those new to voice may have. Voice is fun…exciting…and HEAR, so talk to us!

Group Meetings

The last group meeting took place on May 20. Meetings are usually held monthly at 2pm on Sundays PDT. The next official meeting is scheduled for June 10th at 7:30am PDT. Meetings may become more frequent or may change as the voice release date on the main grid approaches.


The Voice Mentors Group wants to compile a list of events planned by Second Life residents to welcome the introduction of voice to the main grid. If you are planning to hold a welcoming party, please let us know and add yourself to the events list page!

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