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This article lists non-profit volunteer groups. If you run such a group, feel free to add it to the list.
note: some groups are currently not findable via the search engine...

Volunteers are always welcome to help at the Inworld Locations for Volunteers.

Groups Limited to Second Life Mentors

The groups are run by our very own Mentors, who put in tremendous efforts to ensure all Second Life residents have a great experience.

In each group there will be different Mentors with various tags. This is a way to locate someone that fulfills a particular need quickly, such as a Mentor who speaks a specific language.

Note that these are not groups run by Linden Lab or the VTeam.

To join a volunteer group you simply need to write an in world IM to one of the following listed group owners:

Name Owners / Officers to contact Connected Wiki Article
SL Danish Mentors Tue Torok
SL Dutch Mentors Magda Magnolia
German Mentors Monalisa Robbiani German Mentors
Former Mentor Q&A Goldie Katsu, Luna Fratica, ChatBrat Pippita,

Armen Bingyi, Phoenixflames Kukulcan, Gwendolyn Cassini

Mentors ! Papol Heron, Koba Snook, XLR8RRICK Hudson,

JeZeBeLe Dagger

Mental Mentors Rails Bailey or Doctor Gascoigne Mental Mentors
Mentor Lounge Usil Bailey, Tid Kidd, Nava Muni, Marisa Naheed, Alisa Seesaw Mentor Lounge
Phoenix Wave Team Ghost Ulich Phoenix Wave Team
Happeh Mentors Gnome Inkpen Happeh Mentors
Real Mentors of SL XLR8RRICK Hudson
Second Life Italian Mentor Michel Lemmon, Aliceinwire Bleac or Biancaluce Robbiani
Second Life Portuguese Mentor Radioactive Rosca or Ludinha Kamachi Portuguese Mentor
Volunteer World Zaclegend Usher
Volunteers Q&A with the added roles
Grid Wide Mentor and Grid Wide Volunteer
Neovo Geesink
Second Life Spanish Mentor Damian Zhaoying or Papalopulus Kobolowski
Second Life Japanese Mentor Nock Forager
Second Life Polish Mentor Anna Marquette Second Life Polish Mentor
Volunteer - Live Help Lord Sullivan, Constanza Amsterdam, Lisa Lowe Volunteer - Live Help

Language Related Mentor Communities

This section lists language related subcommunities of the Second Life Volunteers program. These communities try to give an overview about Mentor activities (Orientation Classes, Shadowing experiences, etc.) which are presented in a certain language. They are supposed to connect Mentors and to invite Apprentices to become an active part within the Mentors community.

Resident Help Network (RHN)

These are groups which are certified by Linden Lab to fullfil a certain standard. Please visit the Resident Help Network Portal for a list of these groups.

Other Volunteer Groups

Name How to join Connected Wiki Article
Mentor Linguists Ask any current member Mentor Linguists
Help People! Ask any current member
New Citizens Inc. Open Enrollment New Citizens Incorporated
German speaking Linguists Ask any current member German speaking Linguists
Willkommen Deutschland Open Enrollment
ALI - Accademia Land Italiane Open Enrollment
White Tiger Mentors Ask an Owner or Advisor White Tiger Mentors
New Resident Services Open Enrollment White Tiger Mentors
Justice League Unlimited Application Justice League Unlimited
Ajuda SL Brasil Ask an Owner or Helper Ajuda SL Brasil