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Welcome to the volunteer groups, run by volunteers!

How do you join a Volunteer run group?

To join a volunteer group you simply need to write an in world IM to one of the following listed group owners:

  • Holly Vandeverre (Mentor Linguists)
  • Tue Torok (Danish)
  • Magda Magnolia (Dutch)
  • Doctor Gascoigne (Buddies)
  • Contessa Marquez or Jezzie McCellan (Mentor Educators)
  • JayJay Talamasca (Mental Mentors)
  • Michel Lemmon or Aliceinwire Bleac (Italian)
  • Zaclegend Usher (Volunteer World)
  • Damian Zhaoying or Papalopulus Kobolowski (Spanish)
  • Nock Forager (Japanese)

The Groups

  • Mentor Linguists
  • SL Danish Mentors
  • SL Dutch Mentors
  • SL Italian Mentors
  • SL Spanish Mentors
  • Buddies
  • Mentor Educators of SL
  • Mental Mentors
  • Volunteer World
  • SL Japanese Mentors

Who runs the groups?

The groups are run by our very own Mentors, who put in tremendous efforts to ensure all Second Life residents have a great experience.

In each group there will be different Mentors with various tags. This is a way to locate someone that fulfills a particular need quickly, such as a Mentor who speaks a specific language.

Note that these are not groups run by Linden Lab or the VTeam.