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This article lists non-profit volunteer groups. If you run such a group, feel free to add it to the list.
note: some groups are currently not findable via the new search engine...

Groups Limited to Second Life Mentors

The groups are run by our very own Mentors, who put in tremendous efforts to ensure all Second Life residents have a great experience.

In each group there will be different Mentors with various tags. This is a way to locate someone that fulfills a particular need quickly, such as a Mentor who speaks a specific language.

Note that these are not groups run by Linden Lab or the VTeam.

To join a volunteer group you simply need to write an in world IM to one of the following listed group owners:

Mentors to contact for Mentor Role specific issues:

Endorsed Groups

These are groups which are certified by Linden Labs to fullfil a certain standart and to obey to certain guidelines... (more to come).

Other Volunteer Groups

Name How to join Connected Wiki Article
Help People! Open Enrolement
New Citizens Inc. Open Enrolement NCI
German speaking Linguists IM Tom32 Anatine or Zai Lynch (up for change) German speaking Linguists
Willkommen Deutschland Open Enrolement