What is a group liability? - Video Tutorial

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If a group member has the Pay group liabilities and receive group dividends ability associated with their role, that member automatically pays an equal share of group costs with the other group members with the same ability. In turn, that same group member automatically receives an equal share of L$ that get paid to the group. If nobody in the group has this ability, then group liabilities are paid by and dividends are paid to the group's owner (the group's owner always has all abilities).


  • If there are no enabled accounts in the group that have the Pay group liabilities and receive group dividends ability, then liabilities and dividends will be spread evenly between group members.
KBtip2.png Tip: If you are planning to join a Linden owned group, check to see if that group participates inworld with liabilities and dividends before joining.

For example, using the Options tab of the About Land window, group-owned land can be set to display in the Places tab of the Search window, which incurs a L$30/week charge per parcel. This charge is divided among all group members who have the ability Pay group liabilities and receive group dividends (in the Accounting category of group abilities) enabled in at least one of their roles.

Periodic assessment of this liability is the reason some Residents may occasionally log in to discover negative L$ balances on their inworld accounts.

Group liabilities are also explained in this video tutorial: