What is a group tag or title?

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This article is part of the Extended Second Life Knowledge Base that includes advanced and specialized information. This information was originally provided by Linden Lab, but is not actively maintained nor guaranteed to be accurate. Linden Lab does not certify nor assume any responsibility for this information.

See the official Second Life Knowledge Base for the most current information.

I've noticed titles above avatar (Resident) names. What are they and how can I do that?

Kb tagsResi screenshot.png

What is a Title?

Each Resident account includes the ability to create or join up to 25 groups inworld. Groups provide a way for Residents to collaborate about shared interests. Within each group there are Roles that have different names and permissions (Abilities). Each Role also has a Title associated with it. (Residents often refer to group titles as group tags.) Every newly created group contains three Roles with default titles:

  • Everyone - The default title for this role is "Member".
  • Officer - The default title for this role is "Officer".
  • Owner - The default title for this role is "Owner".

Kb grouptag3.png

KBtip2.png Tip: Seven additional Roles can be created and added to a group and each Role can have its own Title.
KBnote.png Note: The Name and Title of the Officer Role can be changed, while only the Title of the Everyone and Owner Role can be changed.

How can I get a group title?

Any time you join a group, the title for the Role you are a member of appears over your avatar name. There are three ways to join a group:

Group Invitation

Another Resident can invite you to join a group. A blue message window appears in the top right of your viewer when you are invited to join a group. If this is a group you wish to join, click the Join button.

Kb joingroup.png

If you opt to join the group and click the Join button, another window appears in your viewer confirming you have been added to the group. The group Title associated with your Role in that group appears over your avatar name.

Kb joinedgroup.png

If you do not know the Resident sending you the group invitation, or would like to learn more about the group before accepting, click the Info button. The Group Information window opens. Read the Charter listed in the group info. The group invitation message and the Group Information Window show any costs associated with joining a group. The type of content associated with that group is shown at the bottom of the Group Information window.

Kb groupinfo.png

Kb groupinfo2.png

If you decide not to join a group to which you've received an invitation, click the Decline button. There are many groups in the Second Life virtual world to join. It might be easier than you think to find groups that are a good fit for your interests.

Locate groups using the Search tool

Kb groupsearch.png

  1. Click the Search button located at the bottom of your viewer window. The Search window opens.
  2. Select the Groups tab.
  3. Check/Uncheck Include Mature Content.
  4. Type your search criteria.
  5. Click the Search button next to the search criteria.

A list of groups appear in the group search window if there were search results that matched your criteria. Select a group of interest and click on the Group name hyperlink. Additional group information appears in the group search window:

  • Group name
  • Number of Members
  • Charter
  • Type of Enrollment (Open or Private)
  • Founder and link to Founder Profile
  • Full group profile link

Click on the View Full Profile button to open the Group Information window. Click the Join(L$) button to join a group with Open Enrollment.

KBnote.png Note: If the group has an enrollment fee, it appears on the Join(L$) button as well as in the Group Information window.

I've joined another Resident's group. Can I create my own group tag?

Each Role within a group can have different Abilities (permissions). The Ability to Change Role names, titles, descriptions and Role member visibility needs to be associated with the Role(s) you are a member of within the group you have joined. Check out our Roles and Abilities article for additional information.

Create your own group and group tags

The How do I create my own group? article will guide you through the group setup process. Once you have created a new group, you can set the tags for your group Roles.

KBcaution.png Important: Groups with less than two members automatically disband within 48 hours. Ask a friend if you can invite them to your group.

As a group owner, you have all Abilities available to a group. You can change the title for any group Role.

  1. Right click on your avatar and select Groups from the pie menu.
  2. Select your group from the Communicate window's Groups tab.
  3. Click the Info button.
  4. From the Group Information window, click the Members & Roles tab.
  5. Click the Roles tab.
  6. Select a group Role.
  7. Type the new title (tag) in the Title box.
  8. Click Apply.

KBtip2.png Tip: Since there are multiple Region types in the Second Life virtual world, it's best to be safe and keep a publicly displayed title PG.

While you can belong to a maximum of 25 groups at any one time, you can only have one group active at a time. Which group you have active can influence certain events in world, such as whether you can create objects on group owned land. Often, you may want to change active groups in order to change the title that appears in above your name, just over your avatar's head.

Toggle between your group titles:

  1. Right click on your avatar and select Groups from the pie menu.
  2. Select your group from the Communicate window's Groups tab.
  3. Click the Activate button. Your group title appears over your avatar name.
  4. Click the Info button.
  5. Click the General tab from the Group Information window.
  6. Click the drop down menu under My Active Title on the bottom of the Group Information window.
  7. Select a title from the drop down list.
  8. Click Apply.

I accepted a group invitation and do not wish to remain in the group. How can I leave the group?

  1. Right click on your avatar and select Groups from the pie menu.
  2. Select the group from the Communicate window's Groups tab.
  3. Click the Leave button.
  4. Click OK to confirm you want to leave the group.