When and how to file an Abuse Report

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Whenever you see anyone violate the Terms Of Service (TOS), or the Community standards (CS or Big Six), or the Welcome Area Guidelines, you should file an abuse report. And so should every resident present.

There are some grey areas, though. What does and doesn't constitute hate speech? Or harassment? Some things may be a bit borderline from a Mature/PG standpoint. If it looks wrong to you, report it. If it doesn't, don't. If the people who are offended do, and the people who aren't don't, then it helps customer service judge the severity of the incident.

If you're not sure what you should do, then you SHOULD file one. Nobody's going to be put out if it turns out to be (barely) alright. What will happen is that it will get bounced up through the customer service until it hits someone who can make the call. There may not be any real penalties beyond a warning if it's a grey area. After all, if you're not sure, then the person you're reporting may not be either. But they may also have been warned before...

What to do -

Select a category - if in doubt, choose MISC.

If it's an object, use the blue button above the category box, and then left click on the object, if you can. That will include details about the object, it's exact location and the owner.

Fill in the summary as clear and short and simple as you can. Include the offender's name. Try to be clear:

Bob Avatar, repeated bad language, shoving and nudity.


Sue Avatar, weapons fire in no-combat zone.

Rather than..

Bob Avatar - being a jerk.

In the details section, put in anything you think is relevant. Don't paste conversation in there. Instead, use the INCLUDE CHAT HISTORY checkbox. You can also include IMs that way with EDIT > PREFERENCES > IM > INCLUDE IM IN CHAT HISTORY.

If it's visual, you can use the INCLUDE SCREENSHOT checkbox. The screenshot is whatever your camera was looking at when you opened the report window.

When you're done, hit the shiny blue REPORT ABUSE button at the bottom.


However bad you think you have it, someone else might be having a rougher time. One or more of the duty liaisons may be responding to something much more severe. Customer service will determine the level of disciplinary action to be taken. If you really want to bring a matter directly to liaison attention, file the AR first (always before you do anything else), and then report the matter through Help Request.

Also, a liaison may respond, but may not choose to be immediately visible, so as to assess what is actually being done or said without influencing the situation by their presence. Just because you don't SEE a liaison respond does not mean that your situation is being ignored.

Additionally, often a liaison who is visibly logged in may be serving a shift on the Teen Grid. Not every logged in liaison is available to respond to abuse reports.


Anyone who admits to being under 18 years old: File an Abuse report and Chat history right away, and contact live help immediately.