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In all cases, the pages should look the same as they did previously. The best way to ensure this would be to compare their appearance in the new installation with their appearance in the old (existing) installation.

Basic content tests

Special pages


Test "Google Search" in the sidebar:

  1. Enter a search term.
  2. Click Google Search.

Make sure it returns reasonable results.


See Wiki subpages/Test.


Following lists the installed extensions. Most have links to pages that demonstrate each extension. Click on the link for each bullet item to view these test cases.

Tests for a few of these extensions will be at User:Sarahd/Mediawiki_Extension_Tests. Proof of concept for new extensions in the 2.0 release, Cite, ParserFunctions, StringFunctions, and CategoryWatch are there.

NOTE: This section is itself a test of the "Labeled Section Transclusion" extension. It should include the list of extensions from Help:Extensions. {{#lst:Help:Extensions|list}}


This is one of the more complex extensions. Here are some additional test cases:


We discovered that it is not sufficient to test existing diagrams. Because the wiki caches images (apparently), we need to create a few NEW diagrams.

Complex example: User:Rand/GraphViz_Test