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In all cases, the pages should look the same as they did previously. The best way to ensure this would be to compare their appearance in the new installation with their appearance in the old (existing) installation.

Basic content tests

Special pages


Test "Google Search" in the sidebar:

  1. Enter a search term.
  2. Click Google Search.

Make sure it returns reasonable results.


See Wiki subpages/Test.

Subpages in main namespace

Go to Wiki_subpages/Test -- first line should just say Wiki_subpages, second line should just say Test. If they both say Wiki_subpages/Test, then this isn't working right.


Check that Special:Version lists the same set of installed extensions.


Flagged Revisions

Rename User

See if Special:RenameUser exists.


If this page exists, then the extension is installed. Special:ReplaceText


If what follows is the current date and time formatted as Y m d H:i:s then this extension is working.

2020 07 09 17:23:16


If the number on the line below is 4, then this extension is working.